Rev. Dr. Jim Waters, PhD Chancellor   [email protected]

Our Core Seminary Material is now available in Spanish. At your request.

We have purchased new Translation software to assist us in better serving our present and future students. We will gladly produce this material in other common languages for those wishing to study with us.  As a missional seminary we seek to serve You where You live and Minister.  

We provide all material for study with STI so you may study without further cost.

You will find those on the website and on our Seminary SD Card or USB Drive. 

To Graduate we do ask that you write a paper of a length and format you decide is best for you.

This is not a make work paper, rather it will be Part mission statement.

We encourage you to research, refine and clarify the objectives of what will be your life.

 "E Learning" allows the student to utilize the global reach of the internet with our guidance for your studies.

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